Client Testimonials

"My husband and I struggled to conceive our first baby and then suffered secondary infertility when trying for our second. It was then that we turned to Kim to learn the Creighton method. I had already completed two courses in another NFP method but felt that infertility support was lacking. When Kim introduced us to NaPro Technology, we felt sure that it was just the help we were missing. Thanks to Kim and the doctors at Caritas, we overcame secondary infertility and now have three beautiful children. I've found Kim's ongoing support through the various seasons of life to be indispensable and I recommend her to my friends whenever I can."

"After one cycle of Creighton Model charting with FertilityCare of Fort Bend, I knew my hormone levels were not balanced and was told my immense pain every cycle wasn't normal. Although I had been dealing with infertility for several years, none of my previous doctors had even come close to figuring out what was causing my pain. Creighton charting had done so easily. FertilityCare of Fort Bend taught me so much about my body; if only I had known all this when I was twelve! I now have pain-free cycles and increased energy. There's no reason for women to live in ignorance about their reproductive system. With the Creighton Model FertilityCare System, a wealth of knowledge will be opened to you."

"FertilityCare of Fort Bend has been very sympathetic to our special needs, struggles and challenges as a couple.  I'm incredibly grateful for the loving guidance we have received from Kim.  FertilityCare of Fort Bend meets couples wherever they are in this crazy life -- in the most genuine way."

"After I delivered my fourth child, I decided to switch to a different NFP method to help while I was breastfeeding.  A couple months in, Kim helped me to understand that the dizziness I felt, continued anxiety and just not feeling like myself was not ME and WAS my hormones.  The Doctors at Caritas were able to help with natural hormones that were life changing.  Amazing!  All from understanding what my body was naturally doing every month.  Kim was so helpful and patient in teaching me this new method.  I love that I can text her a question and promptly get a response."

"I felt so relieved to finally have answers and a plan of action after meeting with Dr Karges.  Two months after surgery we achieved pregnancy and are eagerly awaiting her arrival in July.  This amazing team of Creighton teachers and NaPro Doctors are a huge blessing."

"After several frustrating months of trying to conceive under my previous Doctor's care, I began treatment with my NaPro Doctor and Kim in June of 2015.  I didn't feel like I was getting answers for my fertility issues and long cycles.  Kim is an excellent teacher and I was able to accurately learn how to determine my fertile time.  The week of my scheduled surgery, we found out we are expecting.  I can't say enough good things about this method and Kim."

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